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Beth Gilmore

Studio Owner


B.S. Business Administration, Marketing, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
PMA Certified Instructor
Shiatsu Massage Therapist, AOBTA CP

Beth has done Pilates on and off over the years and always enjoyed it, but in 2012 when Pilates and Qigong helped her avoid surgery for a bulging disk she became passionate about it. With her eyes opened to how she had been compensating for a weak core while running, playing tennis, strength training and even sitting at her desk, Beth began learning more about Pilates and its many benefits. She began her Pilates certification in 2013 at Urbancore Pilates and Fitness. Beth is certified through the Pilates Method Alliance.

Beth is currently pursuing two additional certifications, one in Shiatsu bodywork at Zen Shiatsu Chicago and the other in Clinical Qigong, Movement Qigong, and Chinese Neuro-Energetic Therapeutics through the Institute of Chinese Energy Healing and is a direct student of internationally acclaimed Qigong Master and NQA Certified Level IV Teacher Michael Lomax. She has already begun incorporating these techniques into her work to help her clients address their pain and achieve their goals. These tools, combined with years of experience in competitive sports (tennis, swimming, volleyball, softball, and badminton), marathons and triathlons, allow her to design programs for her clients that help them move and feel better in everyday life as well as on the court, field, or in the pool.

After over 15 years in advertising, sitting at a desk and on hundreds of planes, she loves her second career in Pilates and wellness. Originally from the northern suburbs, Beth has been living in Chicago since graduating from college.

Pilates: single session $95
Clinical Qigong Treatment: $95 per treatment
Shiatsu Massage: $95 per session