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Pilates is a movement system designed to stabilize, strengthen, stretch, and balance the entire physical body. At LightSpace we refer to Pilates as “Dynamic Stability.” Pilates exercises restore strength and length to the body’s postural muscles and to the muscles around the joints, those “deep core” muscles, helping you achieve optimal alignment and healthier, more efficient movement. Pilates conditioning helps develop strength, flexibility, coordination, speed, agility, and endurance. 


At LightSpace, your Pilates practice is more than just physical exercise. The deep internal focus you achieve by integrating Qigong into Pilates movements (QI-LATES) can help you eliminate energetic blockages that act as roadblocks to free, fluid, and efficient movement. These blockages often take the form of muscular tension or “knots”, stress and anxiety, or injury, all of which can prevent proper postural alignment and pain-free movement. The result is healthier and more efficient movement in every aspect of your life.


Whether recovering from injury or looking to improve your strength, flexibility and well-being before or after surgery, LightSpace is here to help you! Our experienced instructors guide you in connecting to your center utilizing one or more of our Qigong methods, and lead you through Pilates movements to help you build a more dynamically stable and flexible body. We educate you about your body and how it works, help you correct faulty movement patterns that cause instability or pain, guide you in balancing both the physical and energetic body, thus helping you rehab from current injuries and reducing the likelihood of future injury. Our instructors are dedicated to mastery and excellence in their craft. With over 1,000 hours of training in the mind body arts, we are committed to continuing education.