Being REALLY Pregnant and Practicing Pilates…

lisa pregnant chair

So the nine month mark is here and I have four weeks to go! Yep, gestation is actually 10 months, everyone lies and says you’re pregnant for only nine months: welcome to reality! So….how am I feeling you ask?  Well, between my tailbone hurting, constantly correcting my posture because of the size of my chest (Yowza!), and having to pee every 15 minutes I’m feeling pretty awesome! I attribute smooth second and third (knock on wood) trimesters to my continuing practice of Pilates. My favorite movements have changed according to what I can still do comfortably, but there are still a lot of movements to choose from!

Right now, I love being on the chair during my own personal practice…

Footwork on the chair (see photo above)

I can make room for my growing belly (getting lower!) by separating my feet a bit more than usual and still feel that connection through my center and into my glutes! These movements also encourage proper posture and alignment of my torso and spine which is vital to taking the stress out of my shoulders and neck.

Standing Pedal Push with the chair

Another great way to find the connection and activation in my center and glutes! This movement also encourages proper alignment and posture while I work on my balance since my center of gravity has been continuously changing!

Speaking of balance, I also still love standing on my Spri board at home! This unstable surface makes me concentrate on proper alignment of my feet and basically whole body, and is vital to helping correct that mama-waddle I have now got going on!

These are ust a few movements I like to do now at 36 weeks, but there are many more for those of you who are curious. Plus I integrate stretching, a lot of stretching!!

Next stop…. LABOR! AHHHHHH!

Keep on the lookout for a great article we found on how to properly hold a baby while standing, which we’ll post in a future blog. No leaning to one side people!