The Science of Smudging

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Did you ever walk into LightSpace for your session and smell the scent of sage? Well beyond smelling wonderful and earthy, below are a few reasons why we burn dried sage.

It clears out built up stress, anxiety, and overall negativity from a space – kind of like a natural air purifier. Know the feeling of how you come in to LightSpace for your session and are tense and stressed out – and then you leave feeling much calmer, happier, and energized? Well this is one way that we clear our studio of these things at the end of the day. Sometimes in the middle of the day if it seems to be a particularly stressful week in the city.

It can help eliminate airborne bacteria.

“…burning medicinal herbs cleared airborne bacterial populations by 94%, and the space was still found to be disinfected a day later. What’s more, a month after smudging, much of the pathogens originally found were still undetectable.”

Furthermore: “Conventional methods of sterilization often employ chemical cocktails that are typically much less effective than purported. Smudging seems to be an effective alternative, while also being natural and safe to use.”

Read the full article, linked below. And if you’re curious about HOW we burn sage at LightSpace, just ask us next time you’re in the studio!

The Science of Smudging: How Sage Actually Cleans Bacteria In The Air