Ever think of trying out duet Pilates…..?

Duet pilates can be really amazing! Think of it as a great way to receive customized instruction in an environment that is more intimate than a class, but more affordable than a private session.

Just like private sessions, duets make use of a variety of studio equipment (Pilates Reformers, Cadillac, Chairs, Springboards, etc.) in addition to hands-on guidance to help you build a more dynamically stable, stronger, flexible, and aligned body. Plus LightSpace’s unique brand of movement, which we call QI-LATES (qigong + pilates).

Here’s the pickle – for a duet to be successful it works best for partners to be of a similar fitness level and with parallel availability. LightSpace can pair you with a duet partner, or you can bring someone you already know. We think the best duets are already acquainted – such as a friend, colleague, neighbor or family member!

Here’s a few pics from a long-time duet team – David and Anna. They are the father-daughter duo that looks forward to their duets every week not only to get the opportunity to do Pilates, but also so that they can spend time together outside of the house. And a little friendly competition doesn’t hurt!

Mermaid prep


teaser on the Chair


chest curls

If you happen to have an injury, you can still do duet Pilates. However it works best to be paired with someone that has a similar injury. Do you have a colleague that also has lower back pain or neck pain like you? Then bring them in to get started!

We can help you get set up, just call or email the studio or go online to set it up yourself: