And another great review…thanks Ashley!

I’ve been taking classes from the instructors at LightSpace Pilates & Wellness for about 4 years. I followed them here from another studio. I take their mat and cardio classes regularly and love the small class sizes and personalized attention. All of the instructors make the experience fun and enjoyable. I always look forward to their classes! I recently started taking private sessions with Annie, and even though it’s only been 6 weeks, I already notice a positive change in the way my body works and feels. Going into the private sessions, I never realized just how much unnecessary tension I carry all over my body. That tension has made it harder for me to do some of the things I love, like running. I’ve had a chronic IT Band injury for the last 15+ years from running, and my doctors always told me that I would likely have to live with it. Annie thinks differently and seems determined to alleviate my IT band tightness for good. I’m certainly on the right track to wellness. Not only am I get stronger and learning how to work out more efficiently, Pilates has helped me in the most unexpected ways. It’s even improved my playing and technique as a musician –who would have thought? The instructors here truly care about the progress of each and everyone of their clients. I am constantly recommending LightSpace Pilates & Wellness to my friends!

Ashley B.