The Ultimate in injury rehab AND sculpting, and still going strong 100 years later!

Pilates originally started as physical rehab for patients recovering from the Spanish Flu in 1918, helping them regain the ability to do basic skills like getting out of bed, walking, etc. long before today’s modern PT existed. Now, 100 year’s later it’s primarily seen as a way to sculpt that perfect body. Well, behind all that “sculpting” still lies the rehab component…..

This excellent article really spells out the details!

Pilates is Famous for Sculpting Lean Bodies, but it’s Actually the Ultimate Injury Rehab

Years ago when I (Allison!) started taking Pilates on the recommendation of a PT for chronic back pain, the LAST thing on my mind was sculpting a lean body!

However to my pleasant surprise that’s what ended up happening as part of my quest to be pain free. I call that a win-win situation!

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