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Pilates…the original PT

Did you know that Pilates started as physical rehab for those recovering from the Spanish Flu epidemic in 1918? Over 100 years later, Pilates is still the perfect injury rehab…as well as a tool for injury prevention. So whether you are transitioning out of…

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“Text neck” = ouch!

Did you know that “text neck” can have a ripple effect from your head to your toes? Long story short, it can equate to carrying an 8-year-old around your neck for a few hours, every day. Ouch! Phones are not going anywhere, so why…

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Amazing spinal articulation!

Check out this video of instructor Priscilla Alvarez doing Rollover on the Reformer! It is an advanced move that requires lumbar-pelvis stability as well as shoulder stability….and feels amazing on the spine when done correctly. Ask your instructor to show you how during your…

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