Take a closer look at our logo


It’s beautiful, isn’t it!  Ever wonder about the meaning behind the logo?  We teachers at LightSpace love it not only because it looks great, but it also represents how we work – integrating the best of both Western (Pilates/Rehab) and Eastern Healing Arts (Qigong/energetic flow and harmony).

The circles down the center of the larger main circle represent major energy centers of the body.  During your Pilates sessions and classes at LightSpace, one of our goals is to move the body while being mindful of how your own body’s energy is flowing through these centers.  Feel neck strain during chest curls?  Perhaps your energy is blocked at the neck (throat) or sternum (second heart).  Having trouble keeping your ribs closed during chest expansion?  Perhaps you’re holding too much tension in your solar plexus.

Check out this photo to compare:



Another reason I love the LightSpace logo because it reminds me of a favorite, very famous drawing by Leonardo DaVinci – Vitruvian Man:


Thanks for reading, and feel free to chat me up about it next time you’re at LightSpace!