Green Smoothie Time!

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Sooo… Something that many people may not know about me is that I LOVE Buzzfeed! I always see awesome recipes for smoothies on there that I always want to try, but never get around to it! Not this time! I got around to trying this smoothie because it is so simple! And now it’s your turn!

We are all about wellness here at LightSpace (hence LightSpace Pilates & Wellness!) so I wanted to bring you this awesome recipe that I found in this article on Buzzfeed ( and bring it directly to you. It’s from an awesome vegetarian cafe, Terri, in NYC and so easy to complete! Chris and I (well, I’ll be honest, mainly Chris) put together all these ingredients in a gallon size Ziploc bag and freeze enough for the entire week! Just put in the blender, add the soy milk or whatever milk you prefer, and go! Super easy! So many exclamation points!!

Even though it may be green, it is SUPER tasty! A great treat for the beginning of your day or at any time.

So, there you go, bringing you a green smoothie from a popular vegetarian cafe in NYC to a popular wellness Pilates studio in Chicago!

Let me know what you think!