Tell me more about instructor training at LightSpace!


Ever wonder exactly what all of us at LightSpace did to become instructors – and what our apprentice instructor Kelli Kaul is in the middle of doing as we speak?

Our unique training program requires 50 hours of lecture covering everything from from anatomy to all exercises on the Pilates equipment (reformer, chair, cadillac) and the mat.  Furthermore, we instruct trainees on how to design a workout program tailored to each individual client, including those recovering from injury. That learning is applied to 100 hours of personal practice, 100 hours observing of Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) certified instructors, and 200 hours of apprentice teaching. All of that qualifies you to sit for the PMA exam – which you need to pass to be a certified instructor!

Feel free to ask any of us about our program if you’d like to learn more about it, or check out our site in more detail here.