“Reba” takes on Pilates, as remembered by apprentice Rachel Andre!

Hello readers, it’s Rachel!

A few years ago, every time I thought about Pilates, my mind would instantly travel to an episode of “Reba,” – remember that tv show? In this particular episode Reba McIntyre did a whole comical scene on the Pilates Reformer, where she fumbled all over the place – losing her balance and eventually giving up. It was such an “I Love Lucy” moment!

Well, a lot has changed for me over the last few months as a teaching apprentice at LightSpace! I’m happy to report that now when Pilates is brought up, “Reba” is the last thing on my mind. I have so much more to think and talk about, it’s just a matter of choosing. I have learned that Pilates is not as intimidating “As Seen On TV”. One of the latest fascinations is with the Exo Chair. Ever since I was shown how to do a standing pike, I’ve being anxious to learn more about it. We spent two weeks going over most of the exercises you can do using it…and I think the Pike is still my favorite. Nevertheless, when I went back to figure out what episode it was on Reba, I saw this image with a girl doing the standing pike in the background…


Come see me at LightSpace and I’ll teach you the wonder that is Pike on the Chair. Oh, and if you’re lucky I’ll be wearing my ode to Reba’s sweet Pilates ensemble, as seen below (including headband and matching belt)…