Happy Spaces And Random Cat Pics, With Apprentice Jill Rimmey!


If you count the Pilates mat classes I took back in high school (which I do of course!), I’ve been involved in the Pilates world for quite a while. So fast forward a few years….it seems so natural that I eventually ended up where I am right now – an apprentice Pilates instructor at LightSpace!

It all officially started when I moved to Chicago after college. I asked for a few private Pilates sessions as a birthday gift got seriously hooked. It’s really hard to describe in words all of the benefits I’ve gained from Pilates since then, and especially going deeper into my practice as part of the LightSpace apprentice program. Let’s just say it feels right on many levels – physically for my body, mentally as I learn how to teach and connect with all kinds of interesting people, and energetically I feel balanced, centered, and calm. I now understand the importance of taking time for myself, especially in the busy urban environment of Chicago. And being a part of LightSpace is really just the cherry on top of the sundae. There is a beautiful energy in the studio…you could say it’s my happy place! The instructors are warm and down the earth and the clients are all friendly, open and eager to better themselves. LightSpace is a place you can come, take time away from your busy world, and just be yourself.


Oh, and the picture above has absolutely nothing to do with my blog post except hanging with my cats Marley and Sunny is my other happy place….maybe someday I’ll convince LightSpace to let me bring them in for a visit 🙂