Next LightSpace Teacher Training program starts this Fall!

Allison and Annie at work!

Have you ever finished your session/class at LightSpace and wondered what makes our method different than other studios? Or have you ever daydreamed about being a Pilates Instructor because of your positive experiences at LightSpace?

Well now you can…..the next LightSpace Teacher Training Program starts this Fall!

Owner/Senior Instructors Annie Murray and Allison Ward offer a limited-enrollment, apprentice-based 550 hour Teacher Training program.

The LightSpace program is unique in this field. Annie and Allison combine the anatomical precision of Pilates, and the deep internal energetic focus of Qigong/Neigong to teach a biomechanically sound, powerful system of movement that fuses the best of Western and Eastern mind/body practices.

Check out our full description and instructions for submitting you application here:

Any questions….? Just ask Annie and Allison!