We Love Testimonials!

I first contacted Lightspace because I was suffering from postpartum lower back pain. I had an MRI taken so I knew it wasn’t a spine problem. I had seen a chiropractor, physical therapist, and had a personal trainer. The combination of these three helped a lot with my recovery, but didn’t completely solved my problem. I still had occasional pain if I’m not careful enough. My “weak core” never got properly strengthened without causing some kind of pain elsewhere. This is where Lightspace came in.

I gave lightspace a try as a last resort. I met with Lisa, who is super easygoing and funny, but at the same time professional and able to identify my problem. With my personalized plan, the small and isolated muscle exercises I’ve done with her really helped me work on my weak spots one at a time. I can really say I am pain free now and feel stronger overall!

– Jun B.