It’s never too early to start!

Hello everyone – Lisa writing today!
I wanted to fill you in on a cool experience I had last month. I was asked by my sister-in-law to give a presentation to my niece’s Girl Scout troop about my career as a Pilates Instructor. Of course I said YES! My plan going in was that I’d not only talk about my career, but I also wanted to teach them a few simple Pilates Mat exercises (it’s never to early to teach body positivity!) AND introduce Qigong and a few simple movements from Gift of the Tao 1 (which we teach in our Qigong classes at LightSpace). That is IF they weren’t too bored from my career talk 🙂
As it turns out, my Qigong presentation proved to be the hot topic of my session with these girls! During our movements of Gif of the Tao 1, one of the girls reported that her hands felt “tingly” all over, which led a few others to acknowledge they were feeling the same sensation! As I explained to them that was the manipulation of the Qi around them, their faces showed awe and amazement…as if a light bulb went off above their heads!
My favorite part of this session with the troop was the Q & A at the end. I was asked what I did to live. I clarified if she meant what I did to make money and it was confirmed that this was indeed the question she was asking. When I informed them that teaching pilates and Qigong was what I did to make money all of the girls’ mouths dropped open. They couldn’t believe that I was so lucky that I made money doing something so fun. And sometimes I can’t believe it either!