What’s acupuncture about anyway?

Acupuncture therapy - alternative medicine. Portrait of a beautiful woman in acupuncture therapy

So you’ve heard that LightSpace has teamed up with our good friend Lorel Zaide to provide acupuncture at our studio. And I know you might be thinking – Pilates is my workout; what does that have to do with acupuncture?? So glad you asked!

First of all, the practice of Pilates at LightSpace is focused not on simply taxing your muscles, but rather on helping your whole body rebalance and energize so you can better move and function in your daily life! While all your work in the studio leads to stronger and more toned muscles, this is a lovely side effect of our efforts. Our primary goal is for you to be aligned, healthy and pain free!

However, there are times when the physical and mental stresses of daily life quite simply weigh our bodies down. At these times, it’s easy to feel like you are not getting the most out of your Pilates sessions, or any other aspect of life. You know those days – when everything you need to do feels like “ugh, one more thing.” One huge benefit of acupuncture is it can help rebalance the flow of blood and energy in your body, thereby revitalizing the body’s own healing systems and getting you back to your old self!

So I think of acupuncture as a “massage” for my energy body. Just as a regular massage helps release and clear out toxins trapped in muscles, acupuncture clears out toxins and stagnation from your energy and circulatory systems so your body just works better. And just like a massage, it is an hour of quality down time to just relax and recharge.

Come give it a try! Lorel is available to help you every other Monday from 11am to 6pm – except for the hour he’ll be working on me!

Be well!