An interesting view of the wallet-sit…..

Ever think of what sitting with a wallet (or other wallet-size object) in your back pocket does to you spine and pelvis? Take a look at these pics and see if you notice what’s going on…

Take a closer look at the image on the right. See how the wallet bulge is causing the pelvis to tilt? It is forcing the left hip bone to sit lower than the right, and as a result the spine is curving in two places. This creates a functional scoliosis (meaning a curve in the spine that is not present from birth but rather it is created by lifestyle and activity). Compare that to the image on the top left…both hips are level and the spine is straight. That’s good alignment and posture!

Which one looks more comfortable and less chaotic to you…..?

If you suddenly realized that you are a wallet-sitter…..and this is YOU on the right…..stop in to LightSpace to get your alignment and posture sorted out!