Why you need a strong core, even if you can only dream of a six pack!

Reposting this blog from a while back…..it’s still so relevant!

It’s that time of year when almost everyone comes into the studio requesting work on their “six-pack” in time for summer.

Well we’re so sorry to break it to you, but just because someone has that coveted “six-pack” doesn’t mean they have core strength.

In fact, even those with a “six-pack” can still have back pain! Why? The “six-pack”, aka the Rectus Abdominus, is actually the most superficial muscle of the abdominal wrap. There are many core muscles underneath the Rectus and wrap all the way around the trunk like a girdle!

Check out this article for more info and then ask your LightSpace instructor for a refresher on each of these muscles and how to find and activate them. This is what we Pilates instructors LOVE talking about!

Why You Need A Strong Core, Even If You Can Only Dream Of A Six Pack
(Taken from The Washington Post, by  March 29)