LightSpace is hiring!

We are seeking a Pilates Instructor to teach private sessions and classes!

Here’s the full post:

LightSpace is known for high-quality, contemporary Pilates instruction, and our integration of both Western and Eastern movement philosophies. We provide customized holistic wellness programs for all populations and all levels of experience using a blend of Pilates exercises and Qigong. This unique brand of movement, which we call QI-LATES (qigong + pilates), offers a holistic approach to fitness without any high-impact stress on the body or mind. 

In addition, we work with injured populations Рboth pre-surgery, and post-rehab as well as those looking to prevent injury with healthier and more efficient movement in all aspects of life. 

Ideal candidates will be trained Pilates instructors that are looking not only to teach Pilates, but are also looking to work in a well-rounded, balanced, calm, and supportive atmosphere. An interest and/or exposure to Chinese medicine is a plus. We would be happy teach you the fundamentals of Qigong.

We are also supportive of class/workshop ideas, so if that is an interest of yours then LightSpace might be the place for you!


– PMA certification

– Trained in Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Ladder Barrel, Springboards

– Experience working with injured populations

РInterest in and/or exposure to Chinese Medicine 

– Good intuition, body awareness, and an open mind

We offer:

– MindBody software

– Balanced Body equipment and accessories

– Optional Group Health Insurance

– Discounted Private Sessions with LightSpace Teacher Trainers

– Discounted Pilates and Qigong classes and workshops

– Large studio with plenty of space

– A calm, holistic, balanced, and supportive atmosphere

This is an independent contractor position, full or part time.

To apply, send resumes and cover letters to For more information call 773-661-2504.