What the heck does “Post-Rehab” mean anyway?

You’ve probably seen the term “post-rehab” on our big window sign as you walk into LightSpace, right?

Have you ever wondered what that actually means? Here’s a story from Annie for a real-life explanation:

Recently a friend told me she was finished with rehab for her shoulder injury. Being I work with injured folks every day, I asked what she was doing for post-rehab — and I got a blank stare: “No, I’m done with [three weeks of] physical therapy (“PT”), so I am now good to go.”

If you are doing any kind of rehabilitation, clearly your body suffered some sort of trauma. So, you need help from a PT (and maybe a doctor or surgeon as well) to bring your body back to a healthier state. Once your PT (and your health insurance plan) say “OK, you are done with your allotted number of sessions, so you don’t need to come back,” that means you can go back to your old exercises and routines, right? WRONG!

PT helps you get your injured parts close to “normal” agin. This means there’s a sort of spotlight highlighting the affected area only…..and not much else. Did you mess up your shoulder or knee playing golf? Chances are you’ll get a ton of attention on those parts, but not necessarily helping correct the muscular imbalance and potential functional scoliosis you’ve developed while perfecting your swing.

Post-rehab addresses WHY you wound up in front of the doctor or therapist in the first place.

Post-rehab sessions work the entire body, not just the area of the injury. And that includes any compensation pattens you developed as a result of the injury too. At LightSpace, we help you recognize these imbalances in your structure that create pain and chaos. Then we guide you in making the changes (some big, some subtle!) in your movement patterns and body mechanics that will help you bounce back as a whole, and prevent future injury too.

So basically, our post-rehab sessions will keep you out of the doctor’s offices, and help you do whatever other activities you do even better. So after your PT and Doctor declare you finished with treatment, give us a call and let’s get to work!