What is Post-Rehab…? Part 2!

If you missed part 1 of this series defining “post-rehab” check it out here:

So….how long does “post-rehab” last? That depends entirely on your goals!

If your goal is to go back to doing the same activities that you were doing pre-injury, there are a few things to consider. If you’re interested in going back to those activities….but learning how to do them better, safely, and more efficiently….post-rehab training is just what you need! However if you want to do them the same way you used to do them (which is perhaps why you were injured in the first place), then post-rehab training might not be right for you. But why would you want to do that?!

A little background on physical therapy…

In most cases of injury/surgery, your insurance plan will cover a certain number of sessions with a PT to help get your recovery started. And that number is fixed, regardless of what you might actually need. If you want more sessions beyond this allowed number, you’d have to pay out of pocket – if you think Pilates is expensive…check out the posted rates at your local physical therapy clinic!

More importantly, physical therapists specialize in addressing particular injuries or specific issues. There are specific protocols for them to follow when working with someone who has a rotator cuff tear, knee surgery, or a hip replacement for example. Often these sessions are laser-focused on the area of injury, and not addressing whole body issues that might have contributed to the injury (poor posture and joint mechanics, for example).

If you want to prevent injury going forward, you need to make some changes to how you move overall! That doesn’t mean you can’t ever go back to running (or tennis, or Crossfit or Barre class etc.), it just means you need to make some changes to how you do it. That’s the kind of changes we at LightSpace love to help you make – the kind that make you better at whatever you choose to do, and without the injury!

It’s the focus we have in our name: LightSpace Pilates & Wellness. We are not just about giving you a workout, we want to help you be well in your life, and that includes staying healthy in your chosen exercise regime.

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