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Let’s melt some SNOW!

We’ve cranked the heat and put together some super-warming Pilates AND Cardio-Flow exercises guaranteed to melt snow…so stop in to LightSpace and don’t let a little cold and snow keep you cooped up this weekend! lightspacechicago.com/schedule-2/ Saturday: 10 am – Pilates Mat (Beth) 11 am…

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Sunrise Beach Qigong!

Don’t forget – Qigong class TONIGHT at 7 pm tonight with Allison! So stop in, stop the world, and feel the awesome energy that we brought back from Hilton Head to share with all of you – pictured below at sunrise!  

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A few words on pain

I heard yet again an ad on the radio about how to alleviate your pain – someone/something else will take the pain away for you!  How perfect – I don’t have to do much or think about it at all, just pay someone and…

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